About-Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation

Throughout Bihar, We Are United in Our Dedication to feed hungers

Founder's Message

Dream is to build a world where nobody sleep without food - Satwik Saxena

Satwik is a Founder of Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation supporting thousand of families through Medical Aid, providing food and shelter, schooling for children and women. Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation runs with the sole aim of comforting the Society by sharing the profits for a noble cause, Despite his busy schedule and fast moving life, Satwik has dedicated his life to mankind through team Deen Bandhu whose only motive is to create awareness about humanity. Believing and Respecting all religious rites and rituals, admiring all religious beliefs and faiths, he talks about the existence and presence of “One Ubiquitous God”.

Team Deen Bandhu not only talks about God but focuses on providing a better life to one and all. In todays world when everyone is busy with their lifestyle, competing at every stage for existence and betterment of their life, many a times we forget our spiritual duties leaving our soul with all miseries which material world cannot eradicate. Satwik comes up with newer ideas and practices for reviving our faith in the existence of Humanity. Team Deen Bandhu wishes to provide its followers with positive and meaningful life, nurturing them as a better children to their parents and more peaceful and patient individuals for society which is slowly abolishing from the society. It reinforces the importance of a healthy life style and peaceful mind.

satwik Saxena

Our Approach

We Facilitate Safe Food Packets for Hungers

Team Deen Bandhu is working with 100% food safety and precautions having FSSAI LICENSE NO :- 20420331000018. Aprox 250-500 people are being servied by Deen Bandhu on Daily Basis. 

Along with the relief measures, Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation is also creating awareness related to Corona Virus by making people understand the importance of sanitizing & social distancing to protect them from getting vulnerable & prone to infection. A helpline number is started where anyone can call and request for any information on this deadly disease.

The second wave of Corona Virus has brought the world on its knees and has yet again created an international pandemic emergency situation. With the spread of the Corona Virus, many families are stuck inside their homes and hospital wards that too sick and quarantined. Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation has taken a pledge to help the families struck by the pandemic by offering food and medical services in this time of distress. People from all across the country are coming forward to help and we are not far behind. Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation has started the campaign ‘Sathi Hath Badhana’ for offering facilities like meals delivered at the doorstep, oxygen cylinders, medicine kits and ambulance service to those infected by Covid-19.


— Our Mission

“Jinke Liye Koi Nahi Unke Liye Hum’ is a Slogan of Deen Bandhu Suruchi sewa Foundation. By the Slogan it is clear that Deen bandhu has worked withe mission to serve eache and every section of Society.


— Our Vision

The Founder “Satwik Saxena” is aiming to provide healthcare facilities and free food to the hunger and needy people, so as nobody can face problem of food and medical facilities.


— Our Story

Established in 2018, Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation is the Nonprofit Trust headquartered in Samastipur, Bihar India. The organization started 3 Years ago with a vision to feed the helpless,street people and serve the needy and cure the helpless patients