"Service of oppressed humanity is service of the almighty”

Who We Are

Established in 2018, Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation is the Nonprofit Trust headquartered in Samastipur, Bihar India.

The organization started 3 Years ago with a vision to feed the helpless,street people and serve the needy and cure the helpless patients

Deen Bandhu Pathshala established to provide education to financially weak students. Accommodation, food, and clothing are free of cost provided the kind of children.

What Deen Bandhu Do


— We Feed Hungers

Deen Bandhu suruchi sewa Foundation is giving good packets to hunger every day from last two years in samastipur city which is located in Bihar State in India.


— We Educate Child

Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation is Educating Child through Deen Bandhu Paathsala for making a bright future of poor and needy.


— We Strengthen

Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation is always prepared i.e 24/7 to serve the needy and the peoples who are standing at the last step of society.


— We Save Lifes

Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation is running blood donation camps in the district of smastipur to end the shortage of blood for each and every people whenever it need to save their lives.


— We Provide Care

Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation provides care to the people who are homeless and sleeping without roof at road or stations. Our 24/7 bike service is running thought the day to serve them.


— We Consult

Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation are consulting people whenever they required help, whether it is for water logging, or for Electricity or for other services.

Deen Bandhu Impact Stories

Serving Food to Covid Attendent is a Great Job- Lacal People

Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation is serving food to covid attendants when no one is even coming outside the home . Satwik saxena along with his team are doing great job by serving food when no hotels and mess are running near sadar hospital samastipur.

A Brighter Future — For Poor Children

Deen Bandhu Suruchi Sewa Foundation is taking a right initiative to educate child who is poor and unable to bear money for education. Deen bandhu paathsala is running to educate 70 child now the count increases day by day. Deen Bandhu has well qualified volunteer who are serving for supporting this initiative.


What Mentor's say?

Deen bandhu suruchi sewa foundation is a trust on which everyone has trust. Our president Satwik is an unparalleled boy who is on wheels 24×7 to help humanity. I feel blessed to be a part of it. All the team members are devoted and work hard to help the Poor and Needy people.
Prof.Sheela Sinha
Women's College, Samastipur
The founder Satwik ji and his team members are working day and night for Society with the simple words "How can I help you." I feel privileged to be a part of this team.This foundation give me an opportunity to serve the society and bring smiles on the faces of suffering humanity.
Consultant Physiotherapist

Our Projects

Night Food Distribution

We do Night Food Distribution throughout the samastipur city from last 3 years and have feed around 5k people till now.

Neki ki diwar

This initiative was taken to provide clothes to poor and needy people of the society was running near sadar hospital samastipur.

Deen Bandhu Diagnostic

Deen bandhu Diagnostc is running in samastipur city to help people who are suffering from any medical issues at very low cost.

Maa Ji Ki rasoi

Maa ji ki rasoi was running every sunday near thaneshwar sthan mandir where we give food at only 5 rupees .

Deen Bandhu Sewa Sadan

Deen bandhu sewa sadan is our upcoming project for old age people. We aim to serve each and every people of the society .

Deen bandhu pathshala

Deen Bandhu Pathsala is running in samastipur to educate poor and needy people of the society with well trained Volunteer.